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Guidelines for Ecomulch Colored Mulch

For the best results with your Ecomulch colored mulch,
please observe the following guidelines:

Dump Bulk Mulch Onto a Tarp

To prevent any colorant wash off, especially during heavy rains, we recommend placing the bulk mulch on a tarp. This precautionary step avoids potential stains on driveways or yards, ensuring a clean and pristine appearance.

Wet Surface Before and After

In the absence of a tarp, wetting down the driveway or lawn before dumping the mulch can minimize colorant transfer. Additionally, washing the surface with soap and water after mulch application helps remove any visible residue, preserving the aesthetics of your surroundings.

Avoid Rainy Days

Scheduling your delivery and mulch application on days when heavy rains are not expected is highly recommended. Not only does this help maintain the quality and appearance of the mulch, but it also ensures you receive the full value of your purchase. Rainwater can add significant weight to the mulch, making it harder to move and resulting in less coverage for the same amount of material. By avoiding rainy days, you can maximize the mulch’s coverage and ease of handling.

Wear Old Clothing

During the mulch application process, we advise wearing long sleeves and gloves to protect your
clothing and skin. This precautionary measure ensures a comfortable and mess-free experience.

Mulch Maintenance

Turn the Mulch Over Once

To freshen up the look of the mulch without additional materials, consider turning it over with a rake at mid-season. This simple step exposes a different side of the mulch to the sun and elements, revitalizing its appearance and extending its visual appeal.

Coverage Calculation

Ecomulch is sold by the cubic yard, equivalent to 27 cubic feet. Each cubic foot covers approximately 6 square feet of “applicable mulch.” Therefore, a cubic yard of mulch provides enough material to cover approximately 162 square feet (27 x 6). To determine the quantity needed, calculate the area you want to cover by multiplying its length and width. Then, divide the result by 162 to determine the number of cubic yards required.

Depth Square feet

  • 1″ 324 sq ft
  • 2″ 162 sq ft
  • 3″ 108 sq ft
  • 4″ 81 sq ft
  • 6″ 54 sq ft
*Remember, when ordering mulch from Ecomulch, you are investing in a quality product that enhances the beauty of your landscape while preserving its longevity.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is ready to provide guidance and ensure your mulching experience exceeds expectations.

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