EcoMulch: Transforming Safety From Best Practice to Core Value

EcoMulch: Transforming Safety From Best Practice to Core Value

With tough jobs and heavy equipment, safety should be more than just a part of the program. With a customized application of our VIA Mobile360 M810 with SVS (Surround View System), VIA has provided a tailored solution to family-owned business EcoMulch – turning safety into a core value…

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EcoMulch’s Business Partners

Hamilton Tree Company

A full service tree care company with certified arborists that recycles 100% of wastes through Ecomulch. This company offers every aspect of tree care; including pruning, removals, plant health care, for commercial and residential.


Original Timber Company

(925) 334-0418

A local urban lumber producer that supplies our urban lumber and helps Hamilton Tree Service Inc. recycle their trees.

Sustainable Contra Costa

A Sustainable Contra Costa provides resources and education to help people make smart improvements in their homes, businesses, and communities.

Rodger Ranch Urban Farm

925-682-0896 Rodgers Ranch is part of Pleasant Hill Rec & Park District

EcoMulch - The Finest Commercial and Residential, Environmentally Friendly Mulch

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