Large Natural

$36.00 cu. yards

cu. yards

From recycled Wood material. No Construction Debris, OR Pallets!!

 This is our largest sized mulch which is like a walk on bark but without the forest products. This mulch is made from recycled local tree trimmings and ground up junk logs(local urban timber that doesn't meet the specs for milling). This is a great mulch for longevity or larger areas where there may be high winds, the nutritional value is there as with the mini mulch but the availability is much slower. This mulch is great for commercial or residential applications that gets a lot of people and pet use. This mulch also serves as a great pathway builder for only your imagination to explore. Great price with a top-notch locally recycled product.

2.5 inchs -  3/8 minus in size

Ecomulch - The Finest Commercial and Residential, Environmentally Friendly Mulch

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