Mini Black

$64.00 cu. yards

cu. yards

This is the absolute best water conserving mulch you can buy! From recycled Wood material. No Construction Debris, OR Pallets!!

MAXIMUM LOAD Per Delivery Is 15 yards

This mulch is made with tree trimmings and has the best water holding capacity and most nutritional value of our mulches. This mulch not only looks great but will discourage weed growth and add exceptional beauty to your landscape at an unbelievable value. Our mini black mulch  can also be used for selling your home, giving it a look that will sure to impress. The black colorant is none toxic and safe for your family. Also, remember that this mulch is produced from only local tree trimmings which means that is has the best and most sought after nutritional value for you plants and trees to thrive in; there is no forest barks which do not contain essential nutrients; there is no lawn clippings which could introduce new weeds to your yard;  All you need to remember is that our mulches are produced with local trees that are safe for you , your family, and your garden period.

3/8inch - minus in size

Safe for Children and Pets Ecomulch produced are safe for use around the home. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that color enhanced mulch present no more concern for children or pets than regular mulch. While some parts of the world still use lead or cadmium-based pigments in paints and coatings, our colorant supplier understands the risks involved with heavy metals and VOCs, and avoids using any hazardous or threatening materials in their products.

Beneficial to Plants and Trees Color enhanced mulch provide many of the same benefits as regular bark mulch. They allow rain water to get to the soil below, while helping to prevent water loss due to evaporation during dry weather. In addition, Ecomulch color enhanced mulch deter weed growth and benefit the plant’s root system by helping to maintain a moderate soil temperature. Long Lasting Color The biggest selling point of this product is its color-holding capacity. Mulch colored with our brand colorants don’t just look great when they are spread in the spring! They hold their vivid , eye-catching color from 1-2 years. The colorants used are highly resistant to UV fading from exposure to the sun and do not wash off in natures elements. The wood itself deteriorates before the color stops adhering to the fiber.

LOOKS GREAT! Ecomulch brand color enhanced mulch looks great along the house or under the trees. The color choices include vibrant reds, yellows, golds, browns, or black mulches that enhance the natural landscaping of your yard. Mulch colored with Ecomulch premium colorants take on a robust yet natural appearance that improves the visual appeal of the entire area by adding consistently colored, contrasting or complementing shades of ground cover.

Ecomulch - The Finest Commercial and Residential, Environmentally Friendly Mulch

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