Mini Natural

$33.00 cu. yards

cu. yards

This is the absolute best water conserving mulch you can buy! From recycled Wood material. No Construction Debris, OR Pallets!!

This mulch is made with tree trimmings and has the best water holding capacity and most nutritional value of our mulches. This mulch not only looks great but will discourage weed growth and add exceptional beauty to your landscape at an unbelievable value. Our mini natural mulch plus can also be used as a great soil conditioner to improve the most stubborn soils. Just mix or till into the top twelve inches of your soil to create the perfect planting area. Also, remember that this mulch is produced from only local tree trimmings which means that is has the best and most sought after nutritional value for you plants and trees to thrive in; there is no forest barks which do not contain essential nutrients; there is no lawn clippings which could introduce new weeds to your yard;  All you need to remember is that our mulches are produced with local trees that are safe for you , your family, and your garden period.

3/8inch - minus in size

Ecomulch - The Finest Commercial and Residential, Environmentally Friendly Mulch

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